Summer Reading Challenge


Monday, September 3, 2007


I would like to join this challenge which I though I joined last week. Had Wenty check and she said not. I have low vision so it is hard for me to read much of which is on a web site, unless there is a big box saying sign up here...lolThere are my reading choices if I can get them in large print at the local library (they do own them):1. Franklin, Ariana Mistress of the Art of Death2. Godwin, Parke Sherwood 3. PicouLt, Jodi Vanishing Act4. Hoag, Tami Ashes to Ashes5. Martin, William Back Bay6. Ludlum, Robert The Ambler WarningAlternatesRichman, Allison The last Van Gogh Brockmann, Suzanne Breaking PointChilds, Laura Tea mysteriesDickey, Eric Jerome Between lvoersDreyer, Eileen Sinners and SaintsGallison, Kate Hasty RetreatHunter, Madeline By ArrangementLacey, Robert The Year 1000Staub, Wendy Corsi Don't ScreamNow if I have done this right, how do I do the next??? I am using the yahoo website for this group instead of a blog. Is there anything else I need to do?I have no idea how to make paragraphs in this thing. Lindy