Summer Reading Challenge


Friday, June 8, 2007

finishing week 1, starting week 2

This week I read Marion Nestle's What to Eat, a book that I found fascinating, stuffed as it was with stuff about economics and politics and language. I also enjoyed a trio of mystery novels with plucky heroines. Sara Graves's Unhinged has a woman who is remodeling a 19th century house, and she does appear to be unhinged when it comes to questions of self-preservation. Miss Silver Deals with Death has not only a somewhat plucky young girl but also the splendid Miss Silver herself and a female master criminal. Made up to Kill is a Kelley Roos novel from the days when they knew what a plucky girl heroine really was. I have now begun Laura Levine's Shoes to Die For, so I will have run the gamut of plucky girl heroines of the 20th and 21st centuries.
For week two, I plan to read Bill Bryon's A Short History of Nearly Everything, and some more plucky girls mysteries. I've been posting photos of the places where I am reading over at my blog. Some folks did that last year and I found it intriguing. Not that the places where I have been reading are especially intriguing...


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