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Thursday, May 31, 2007

One More Day

Hello All SRC Round 2 Challengers!

Tomorrow is the official start of SRC Round 2! If you have not yet done so, accept your invite and post an introduction to the blog so everyone can get to know you and your reading challenge. Make sure to label the post Introduction/Challenge so we can find you later. Many have also choosen to label their posts with their names which is a fantastic idea! If you have the same name as someone else (for example there are several Amanda's) try to come up with a screen name or a nickname that is different so you can create a label just for your posts. Links to the labels used are in the sidebar.

If you have not yet joined and would still like to, I will continue to send out invites only until June 7, 2007, so please send an email soon to with your Name, email (for the invite) and blog address (not required if you do not have one). I will send out an invite from blogger which you will need to accept to be able to post and then I will add you to the sidebar.

1. Be nice to others (remember we are all having fun here)
2. Have Fun!
3. Try to post at least once a week about what you are reading (that is what makes it fun to read with others!)

Your challenge is your own and you may change it at any time, the idea is to read something this summer, and get to know the other readers out there.

Challenge begins June 1, 2007 and ends August 1, 2007

Happy Reading



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